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I am home! Finished one design, working on the next one. Found out about the CPSIA regulations which I will have to comply to if I want to sell in the US. I am looking into what I want to do for that. Not much else to report right now except that I m too tired to be awake right now!


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I am going on vacation for a week and my computer time will be very limited. As I said yesterday, hopefully I will have time to work on some designs and knit when not playing with my beautiful little girl! Bought some needles and yarn today for this.

I tried to do some more research today to see if I need to get a business license and whatnot for this adventure. Hopefully I will figure all of that out soon to see if this will even be feasible for me!

While I am away, I will be mourning the end of LOST.

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Day 2

Well it is day 2. I’ve done research on what yarns I want to use for my products and what will be cost effective. I would like to use natural fibres (aka no acrylic) to produce quality items. I am thinking Knit Picks may be a good brand to start off with. I am also trying to decide whether or not to buy customized labels for my items. I think I should – it will make them look more professional.

I am going on a trip on Wednesday and will have limited access to the computer but hopefully plenty of time to knit! Will bring yarn and needles to work on my designs!

I am going to look into whether or not I need to get a business license for the adventure!

All in all I didn’t get much done today because it was way too nice outside!

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Hi. I am in the beginning stages of starting my own Etsy shop called Impossibly Alice, which will sell hand knit items. I still have to do research on supplies and any registering I need to go with the government before I start, as well as build up a decent starting inventory. At the same time I am raising a beautiful 5 month old daughter.

Please follow me through this adventure as I set up my site and blog!

– Sheryl

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