Safe Sunscreen

I dedicated today to finding a sunscreen that the EWS deems safe for my family to wear at this weekend’s Winnipeg Folk Fest. It will be the first time my nearly 7 month old will be exposed to excessive sunlight. We also bought a UV tent for her. Am I being paranoid?

Anyways, here’s how it went for all you Winnipeg mamas out there!

We bought a UV tent at A Child’s Place in Grant Park. It is one of those crazy folding contraptions that fits in a tiny disc like bag. Must practice folding it so we don’t look like complete idiots. I folded once 2 days ago and needed he diagrams on the box – I will have enough stuff going to folk fest for the first time with a baby and I don’t want to have to lug a box around with me for diagrams!

This morning I started looking up all the sunscreens that the EWG deems safe for my baby and I this year. It is long and boring job. Most of these companies either don’t sell the sunscreen in Winnipeg (or even Canada!) or they don’t list where you can buy it. Or the list is out of date.

I first tried Organza market – the website for thinkbaby and thinksport said that they sell product there. They don’t. They did have another brand I remembered being on the list but it was +$30! I want my baby to be safe but I also don’t want to be poor. They also had Badger but it was $20+. I would have bought it if I couldn’t find anything else on The List.

Next I went to The Baby Bin Boutique thinking a baby store would sell safe sunscreen and the website for thinkbaby and thinksport said that they sell product here. They don’t. They sell some other brand. I don’t remember what it is called so I can’t check it is in on the list because they are sold out.

Next I decided that Wolseley would have appropriate sunscreen since my list wasn’t working out and I wanted to go to Tall Grass Prairie. While there I went to Humboldt’s Legacy. They have a whole sunscreen section at the front of the store. There was a display of All Terrain sunscreen. I got Aqua Sport and Terra Sport.I think I meant to get the kids one but it says it is safe for 6 months +. They are all rated as a 2 on the scale (good!).  I don’t see what the difference is.

They also had Badger and a few other brands I don’t remember.

Next time I will listen to my gut that tried to tell me Humboldt’s was the place to go before I started on this long journey.

While in the neighbourhood I checked out Wolseley Wardrobe and Rams Wool. Rams is have a sale on Manos del Uruguay. Couldn’t resist. Got some green and some red. I LOVE how deep these colours are!

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