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My New Challenge

As many of you readers know, I am on maternity leave. I have 4 months left to go and money is starting to get tight. Mostly because we had to get our roof re-shingled and we have to pay for a trip to Mexico that is coming up next year.

[Some coins. Originally uploaded to Flickr by dvwtwo]

So for the first time since I don’t remember when, I am on a budget. Here is what I am doing:

– I took out some money last weekend that I thought I would need and I didn’t end up using it. I am living on cash for the next 2 months. This way I will be accountable for what I spend money on. The only thing exempt is groceries and we are not crazy grocery shopper – I have self-control on Costco!

– No new clothes or shoes unless absolutely necessary. And then I guess I have to try to thrift! Right now I am going to try to rethink my clothes in a new way and create new outfits. I am not the best at this so this will challenge me in 2 ways. The no shoes is really hard but since I am on maternity leave, I don’t really need to buy “nice” shoes. My Chucks will do me just fine for every day wear.

– I have to try to figure out how to use the gross yarn I regret buying.

– We are eating cheaper and easy to make food such on kraft dinner, zoodles, etc on the days we are tempted to get take out food.

What are you doing to save money? Do you have any more tips for me?


I Wish I Lived In Sweet Valley

If you knew me in real life, this is not a secret confession. I make no apologies, nor do I try to hide the fact that I have always had a special place in my heart for Sweet Valley ever since I first read Sweet Valley Twins. I have been known to break out the Sweet Valley High board game at parties and force everyone to play along. I’ve also been known to name my favourite drinks after Sweet Valley High characters (i.e. cranberry vodka, my staple, is called The Elizabeth).

Well today I just discovered that the long-awaited Sweet Valley Heights/Sweet Valley Confidential FINALLY has a name – Sweet Valley Ten Years Later, a publishing date – March 20, 2011, website, and twitter! If I were one to squee, this would be one of the very major squee moments of my life.

I’ve read the first chapter and it seems like another Elizabeth is hurt by Jessica’s thoughtlessness and runs away from her life. I hope it gets better. My speculation is that Jessica had an affair with the dreamy Todd Wilkins and got pregnant…

I hope this isn’t like that horrible Elizabeth series.

I also found out that supposedly Diablo Cody is doing a Sweet Valley High movie. That I can watch. In public. With people.

It is going to take place in the 80’s, where SVH is supposed to be. No cell phones, internet, facebook, twitter. There will hopefully be plenty of princess phones, skin-tight jeans, high waists, cords, chinos, big hair, perms, fashion magazines, 80’s sports cars (think, Bruce Patman), dances with the Droids playing, Lila Fowler being Lila Fowler and not a clone of all mean girls these days, I can go on and on and on!

So. Freaking. Excited.

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I Am Open For Business!

My Etsy store is now open for business! Please come and visit me. While you are there you can check out other fabulous items listed by talented Winnipeg people.

Over the next week I will be adding more items to my store!

I am also hoping to take some outside action shots.

So far I have a purple and a taupe handknit mobius cowl, my summer knitting obession! I have knit them out of fair trade handspun 100% wool.

In my shop you will see a focus on fair trade, recycled, and/or eco-friendly materials.

If you have a custom request for something, please send me a message and I will let you know whether or not I can do it!

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I have FOs?!?

Well, I was finally motivated to finish my two WIPs because I’ve joined the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup on Ravelry without really knowing what I was getting myself into. I may struggle a bit because some of the participants are really into it. The assignments start at the start of the month and  are. I hope this will be great motivation for more FOs!

Without further ado here they are!

First I have the Otto Short Sleeved Pull Over by Kristen Rengren from the fabulous book Vintage Baby Knits. When I started this, I was able to knit with my baby sleeping in my arms/assisted by the pillow. I soon learned that I could not do stranded work so this was very slow going. Plus I choose cotton. I will not make a cotton sweater anytime soon. It really hurt my arms. And then there’s the strandedness of it all. Think of all the ends to weave in, in addition to the sewing. procrastination galore! When I finally pulled this piece out again to sew in the ends and sew up the sides, my husband couldn’t believe that I hadn’t finished it yet because he hasn’t seen it in so long. I had imagine of my daughter wearing it this summer as a dress which is the main reason I knit it in cotton.

Each piece I knit has a memory associated with it. When I look at this one, I remember watching The Pacific every Sunday night with friends. Yes, that is how long it’s been sitting waiting for me to sew in the ends. I hang my head in shame.

Despite all this I am mostly satisfied with the piece. She has some frilly bright pink tight capris I may pair this with for now. I choose to do this sweater in bone and brown so that it will go with everything, and so that it is gender neutral so I can pass this sweater along! Let’s just hope that the neck opening will be large enough for her to wear this sweater for more than a month or 2.

And now for the non-procrastinating dress…

I also completed (except for the crochet button loops because I have to borrow a hook from my mom!) the Little Sister dress by Tora Frøseth Design. My baby is an only child by this dress is way to beautiful that I couldn’t pass it up! It also helped that Ram’s Wool was having a sale so I got to knit it in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino!

I knit this dress pretty fast and often later at night so I don’t have too many memories involved with it. The one advice I give is to use circular needles! I didn’t have the right size and was too lazy to go to the store so I knit it on dpns and I kept on dropping stitches and having to pick them up – I wasn’t quite swearing but very often on the verge of. So please, if you make this USE CIRCULAR NEEDLES. I got the most adorable puppy buttons in Gimli for this dress! It came in a package of a bunch so you see them again! What is probably the BEST thing about this dress is that it is knit top down and in the round so you don’t have to sew anything up!

I can’t figure out how to get the picture above have the correct colouring. The dress is an lilac-ish type colour, closer to the other 2 pictures. I would have preferred grape or plum but it wasn’t available and this is almost as good!

On the etsy front – I have photographed most of my items. Next…figuring out the postage and creating a banner! I want to start-up right after the long weekend! Wish me luck!

What have you crafted lately? Have you finished anything that has just been sitting around?

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