I Wish I Lived In Sweet Valley

If you knew me in real life, this is not a secret confession. I make no apologies, nor do I try to hide the fact that I have always had a special place in my heart for Sweet Valley ever since I first read Sweet Valley Twins. I have been known to break out the Sweet Valley High board game at parties and force everyone to play along. I’ve also been known to name my favourite drinks after Sweet Valley High characters (i.e. cranberry vodka, my staple, is called The Elizabeth).

Well today I just discovered that the long-awaited Sweet Valley Heights/Sweet Valley Confidential FINALLY has a name – Sweet Valley Ten Years Later, a publishing date – March 20, 2011, website, and twitter! If I were one to squee, this would be one of the very major squee moments of my life.

I’ve read the first chapter and it seems like another Elizabeth is hurt by Jessica’s thoughtlessness and runs away from her life. I hope it gets better. My speculation is that Jessica had an affair with the dreamy Todd Wilkins and got pregnant…

I hope this isn’t like that horrible Elizabeth series.

I also found out that supposedly Diablo Cody is doing a Sweet Valley High movie. That I can watch. In public. With people.

It is going to take place in the 80’s, where SVH is supposed to be. No cell phones, internet, facebook, twitter. There will hopefully be plenty of princess phones, skin-tight jeans, high waists, cords, chinos, big hair, perms, fashion magazines, 80’s sports cars (think, Bruce Patman), dances with the Droids playing, Lila Fowler being Lila Fowler and not a clone of all mean girls these days, I can go on and on and on!

So. Freaking. Excited.

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  1. #1 by Rachel on September 21, 2010 - 12:19 am

    This is awesome! Your post is the first I am hearing about this. I definitely look forward to seeing the movie.

    BTW – I found your blog through Team Discovery’s Meet & Greet Monday. Congrats on the new shop! I look forward to reading your future posts & seeing your future items.

    – Rachel

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