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Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Last year, when I was pregnant, I was sitting at my desk at work and I was suddenly overcome with the NEED to eat chocolate zucchini cake. I had not had a pregnancy craving before this, in fact most of my pregnancy was about aversions to formerly beloved food. I started crying because I didn’t crave just any cake but the cake that I had at my Great Grandma’s house when I was a kid. My Great Grandma actually stayed alive until I was 19 so I was very lucky to have her in my life so long. Since she is gone, I was worried how I would get the cake. My Grandma was in the hospital on what we thought was her deathbed (she’s since made a 100% recovery!), so I would have been able to get the recipe from her.

I was so worked up about this, I called my mom crying. And she told me that SHE was the one who made the cake for my Grandma and she had the recipe! Well being at work, I thought she couldn’t get it for me but she heard how upset I was, so she found it online. Here is the only food that I craved for most of my pregnancy.

I went to the grocery store on my way home to pick up the ingredients that I didn’t have on hand and when I walked in the door, I baked the cake. I didn’t sit down, didn’t relax, didn’t nap, didn’t watch tv. I made the cake and waited for it bake. I topped it off with a simple chocolate butter cream frosting. I can’t share the recipe with you because I just throw ingredients together randomly and it never turns out the same twice.

When I bit into that cake last year for the first time in way too many years, a flood of memories came back to me of spending time on my Great Grandma’s farm. I don’ t know now if I was craving the cake, or the memories.

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Learning to Give Up, Just a Little

Today was more of a lesson for me than for my baby. For the past few weeks I have been fighting to feed her lunch. She would take a spoonful or 2 of food and then refuse to eat anymore. Even when it was food she loves. I felt like I was failing her because I couldn’t get her to eat. I was worried that she was just becoming an extremely picky eater (I REALLY do not want that) and she only liked bland food because she would eat all the Cheerios and puffed wheat I put on her tray.

Today I finally decided that if she won’t let me feed her, I would let her try to feed herself. She still eats breakfast from the spoon and I still breastfeed so it’s not like she will starve, right?

I just dumped the pile of mush on her tray, gave her the spoon, and added some puffed wheat and Cheerios to it so she had something she could pick up. And meal time turned FUN for both of us! I stopped worrying, she stopped whining, and we both relaxed! She did much more smooshing the food between her fingers than actually eating but it is a start. She rubbed the spoon more in her hair than putting it in her mouth, but she got it in her mouth a few times.

Yes, it took a lot longer than it would have if she ate from the spoon, yes it was A LOT messier but she did eat a bit. Now she is happily playing  in her play pen and we are both more relaxed.

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My First Front Page on Etsy!

This is a quick note to announce that one of my items was on the front page of Etsy for the first time EVER! It was at 5:00 am EST so there weren’t too many shoppers around then o it didn’t sell but I got a bunch of shop and item hearts I would have not gotten otherwise!

Check out the treasury!

Check out my shop!


I also had a treasury I made on the front page of Etsy this afternoon!


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What I Love About Autumn

Autumn is finally in the air, for the second time! Here are some of the things I love about autumn:

  • corduroy. I will never wear cords in the spring or summer. I break them out in autumn. My preferred cord is a thinner wale word (I just learned that word 3 years ago) in a faded black/dark gray colour. This clutch from MilkandHoneyHandbags on Etsy pretty much says it all…if only it were a skinny pant!
  • red leaves. Where I live they are more rare. Most of the trees turn yellow or a depressing brown. I have a lovely clematis on my back fence with all red leaves right now which makes me happy. They are pretty similar to this wonderful photo by RedLeafGallery on Etsy
  • warm plaids. I bought a beautiful purple plaid coat 2 autumns ago. It got very cold here very fast so I didn’t get to wear it much. The following fall, I was pregnant. I am excited to finally wear it again! I can’t find any pictures of it online and of course, there are none of me wearing it so use your imagination and then make it 50 times more beautiful and that is my coat!
  • cardigans. Being a knitter I love cozy and warm cardigans. This cardigan by knitsbyjessie on Etsy is pretty much my idea of perfection. If you want to get me a Christmas gift, this would be it!
  • the smell of winter coming.
  • fall food: soups, casseroles, baking, anything that I don’t like to make when I am too hot in the summer!
  • making a Halloween costume! I you would consider how I make costumes upcycling because I usually go to value village, buy some random clothes and make a costume from it! This year, I am going to be a werewolf hunter who turned into a zombie. I look forward to seeing all the costumes at the social I am going to!

What do you love about autumn?

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I Am Not A Morning Person

30 November 2009

Image by Alegrya via Flickr

I grew up thinking I was a morning person because my sister was not. She would sleep in, and she would sleep hard. NOTHING would wake her up. On the other hand, I would wake up easily and I would read or watch cartoons. I was never late for school because I couldn’t get up.

In first year university, I took some classes at 8:30 in the morning. That was the only year I did that. In fact, I really wanted to take Math in Art but it was only offered at 8:30 so I decided against it.

Before I was on maternity leave, I would start work between  6 and 6:30, the time really was flexible because it was so early and barely anyone was there yet. I thought that this meant I was a morning person. One day one of the managers commented that I am not a morning person. Another one said that they try to not talk to me until 8:00 am. I thought this was crazy! I was at work! I was able to do my job!

Something to Wake Up To

Image by MJIphotos via Flickr

I now know the difference.  A morning person can wake up in the morning and be a fully functioning person. I can wake up in the morning but I can only read, watch TV, or do work with no one around. I cannot have a conversation or think outside the box. And I enjoy thinking outside the box. The only time I enjoy being awake early is when I am camping – there is something about the quietness of the morning I love when I am outside. Probably because my brain can slowly catch up while I enjoy nature.

This is challenging with a baby but luckily she is content to play in my bed in the morning while my brain wakes up slower than the rest of my body and we have a quiet time together.

Are you a morning person? Can I learn to be one?

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