Confidence: Part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about confidence and what it means to me. Why I am thinking about this will be in another post. Right now I have to discuss something that is more current to every day life here in Winnipeg.

Winter driving.

(via robtrent)

I hate it. At least when the roads are not plowed or sanded.

I have many stories of sliding around on ice, one most notably on the bridge from Academy to Route 90 where all the cars slowed down to let me get control of the car again. To tell them in great detail would probably be pretty boring. But just know that I hate it, I hate losing control, I hate not knowing what the car in front of me will do, and not knowing if I have the space to handle it.

After years of scoffing them, we got winter tires put on our car last year. My husband convinced me that we needed to get them. Somehow, these tires have given me the confidence to be a smart winter driver. The “grippiness” of them allows me to drive the speed limit (when it is reasonable to do so). I no longer have people passing me assuming I am an old lady driving the car, hunched over at the wheel. I no longer get out of my car exhausted just from a simple drive home.

Isn’t it strange that something so easy makes a world of difference to my confidence?

How do you feel about winter driving?


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