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The Hardest Thing

My little girl is sick right now. She has a fever and a cold and she is so sad. She is not sleeping well which does not help the matter.

The hardest thing is trying to soothe her and calm her. She doesn’t understand why her Mommy and Daddy can’t take away her pain and she looks at us with such confusion because we can’t make her feel better. She cries and cries and all we can do is cuddle her and give her something to drink.

The second hardest thing is wiping her nose.



A Little Pick Me Up

I needed a bit of a boost this weekend after adjusting to waking up before the crack of dawn, and being away from my little girl all day. It came in the form of being on the Etsy front page in a stunning treasury by the wonderful Rolling Hills Vintage! She included my taupe mobius cowl in this treasury.

What makes this cowl special? It is made out of very soft undyed fair trade wool that was handspun in a women’s collective in Uruguay! You are stylish, keep warm, and be globally conscious all at the same time when you wear it.

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As most of you know, I have returned to work this week. It is a struggle in many ways that I didn’t think would be possible. I had imagined myself crying at my desk at lunch, unable to cope with the fact that I am not with my baby. I do not cry at work and I know that she is having fun playing at daycare (so much fun in fact, that they are having trouble getting her to nap).

My problem is that I don’t find the joy in my job that I have in raising my baby. I don’t care about, what I think of as, the trivial day-to-day details. Right now, I simply cannot imagine doing this day in, day out for the next 20 years. My goals for the year? They aren’t to carry out this mission or that objective for the company but to make sure that my little girl is happy and healthy.

The other problem is that we cannot afford for me to quit my job so I must go.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can manage to immerse myself properly in work so that the days stop inching by and the evenings stop racing forward?



Meeting Alejandra

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Alejandra , the artist and owner behind Aldari on Etsy. If you would like to know more about her, please visit her website and blog, like her facebook page, and follow her on twitter.


Describe yourself

My name is Alejandra, I am 28 years old, I am from Mexico and I live in British Columbia, Canada

How did you get started in art?

I´ve always had a passion for all forms of art. I´ve been and artist and photographer since I was very young, started painting when I was 15, studied graphic design and love making vector illustrations.

Recently I started making mandalas digitally with my photography and art. Due to their depth, shapes and symmetry, Mandalas have always been special to me.

Your etsy shop is called aldari, does that have any special meaning to you? How did you choose the name?

“Aldari” has been my artistic signature since I was 15. “Al” comes from Alejandra, “Da” from Danel (my last name) and “Ri” from Rivera my second last name (in Mexico we use both).

What is a typical day for you?

Get up 7 am, check my Esty shop for sales and convos, make treasuries, blog, and promote on Facebook and Twitter. In the afternoon I print and ship sales. After that I work on new digital designs, jewelry, paint, photos, among others. Many days I work from morning until night.

What inspires you?

I find inspirations everywhere! In particular, textures and colors in nature.

What is your favourite thing in your shop and why?

Actually, I have four favorites.

Elephant and Little Friend

This illustration I made it for my little niece Isabella before she was born.

Round Rock

This photo, because I love its simplicity and the circle is my favorite shape.

Singing Bird on Branch

I love the composition of this photo, the rich blue sky, and I can hear the bird sing.

Eternal Flow Mandala

This one is my favorite mandala because I created it from an original painting of mine called “Ripples of Water”.

If you could go back and give yourself advice on starting out on etsy, what would it be?

I would begin promoting on all social networks asap, and would join teams immediately.

What are some of your favourite etsy shops?

I have so many! These are only a few:

Do you do any other types of crafts?

Yes, I enjoy making jewelry especially out of my mandalas. You can find pendants in my shop and I just started making really cool earrings which aren´t available yet, but keep checking I will have them for sale soon!

Is there any type of craft you wish you knew how to do?

Yes, I would love to make my designs into silver jewelry in the future.

Zombies, pirates, ninjas, or vampires?


Isn`t she great? Don`t forget to click on the following links to get to know Alejandra better!







Visiting Daycare

Yesterday, I took my baby to visit daycare for the first time. We were there for an hour. She LOVED it there and I didn’t have any doubt. She loves babies and kids. When we are out and she sees one you can hear a little “hi there” come from her over and over. I have a good feeling about the daycare provider – she seems capable and comforting. She is right in the middle of the ages of the kids there so she will fit right in development wise and all the other kids are so adorable!

All that being said, I still felt like bawling while we were there.



Non Team Challenge 12: Top 10

Choosing a winner for the Non Team Challenge 12 was so hard – there were so many beautiful entries! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and gave me their own unique and creative interpretation of my Watercolor Cowl! The following is a listing of my top 10 choices in alphabetical order. Please show these treasuries and craftspeople the love they deserve: make sure to check out both their treasuries and their shops!

A Cozy Afternoon with a Book by loopyboopy has a beautiful muted vintage vibe to it.  It was one of my favourite ways to spend a quiet winter afternoon pre-baby (and still is but my baby doesn’t think so!).

I completely love A cozy New Year! by Emilyparkesart. I love the mix of bright and muted colours and I love how each of the items is knitting related.

I can understand why palimpsestic has won the non team challenge twice already! Her entry, Flowers in the Mist is stunning! I love how all of her picks have dreamy and fresh looking and reflect the colours in my cowl stunningly.

True story: I live in a very snowy area of Canada and I cannot ice skate. I’ve tried and decided that cross-country skiing is more my winter sport. Regardless of this fact, I love ice skating on a snowy winter day by mirthmarket. This is a very well thought out and put together treasury!

I think that Little Birds Whisper When A Cat Is In The Room by gildinglilies is a unique interpretation of the challenge this week and it is executed beautifully!

I love Queen of the Prairie by pamelasjewelry. The soft shades and spare colour in here reminds me of winter here on the prairies!

I think that Simple Pleasures of Winter by  RELMOriginals reminds me of being in a rustic cabin and warming up after skiing. I love the warmth that radiates from the treasury with its rich wintery fabrics and wooden items.

Soft Spring Rain by waterlilyjewels reminds me that spring will come (eventually!). I love all of the soft shades and the raindrops sprinkled throughout.

The Knitting Girl by malagerie perfectly encompasses the life of a knitter. I love how all the items in here are knitting related and match my cowl!

I think that Watercolor dreams in the mirror by tahliaday is simply stunning. I love the quiet romance of this treasury.

Thank you again to everyone who participated. It was an amazing experience!


A New Chapter Begins

Time becomes such a strange thing as you get older. I can’t comprehend how much has changed since this time last year, yet time has gone by way too fast!

Last year we had a fondue New Year’s Eve for just the 2 of us. It was a nice and quiet New Year’s and just what we needed. We were both way too tired to have anyone over and entertain because we never got more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. And this was if we were lucky!

On this day last year, I was struggling to recover from my c section and starting to get restless. I had some minor setbacks the week before and was ordered to do less, which was hard because I wasn’t doing much. My baby was still too small to be able to breast feed so I had a tedious routine every 3 hours: wake baby, feed baby, pump, change diaper, sterilize the equipment at least twice a day and it was really starting to get to me. Luckily when we were able to transition to full breast feeding, she took to it awesomely.

My husband went to our annual late Christmas with his Dad and we decided that the baby and I would stay home because it was too much work for him to haul us and all of our equipment around. Not only did he have to carry the baby and all the standard stuff when you have a new baby such as a pile of diapers, sleepers, blankets, cloths, etc, but we had to bring all the pumping equipment and ensure it remained sterilized because of her compromised immune system due to being near term. And I would have to have a place where I could pump in privacy. The only room on the main floor of my brother in law’s house with a door was their tiny bathroom and I didn’t want to pump in there and I wasn’t cleared by the doctor to go up and down stairs yet (my husband was very insistent on following all the doctor’s recovery orders).

Even though we were tired and our house was definitely not festive, it was a wonderful start to a year. We didn’t know what to expect but our little girl has managed to give us the most magical year. Now, my year at home with her is drawing to a close way to quickly and a new chapter of my life is about to begin. I am going to learn how to adjust to being a working Mom. It will be hard to balance everything out and give my little girl all the attention she deserves but I am sure that between my husband and I, we will find the balance we need to raise our daughter together so that she turns into a happy and confident toddler who is sure of herself and our love for her.


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