Teeth, bright lights, and Shamrock Shakes: One Person’s True Story Of Her Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery

As my blog readers and twitterers know, I got my bottom 2 wisdom teeth out yesterday and I was so nervous. I don’t think I was as nervous about the dental work, but that I didn’t know what to expect.

I knew I was nervous because I got turned around when I was downtown trying to find the parkade closest to the surgery centre. Don’t worry folks, I didn’t drive home or leave my car overnight in a parkade (too $$$). My husband took the bus over from work and picked me and the car up. I messaged him every detail of exactly where the car, car keys, and parkade ticket were so I would have to remember after my surgery. I didn’t know how out of it I was going to be.

I got to the surgery centre almost exactly an hour before my appointment so I had a lot of time to sit and think. Too much time. I brought a book with me but I couldn’t focus. I did a lot of people watching in the tiny room and I felt old. The other people there my age were parents waiting with kids! It looked like all the people getting their wisdom teeth out were at least a good 10 years younger than me.

I got a bit upset while waiting. There was a 4 year old there because she had rotten teeth that needed to be pulled. This made me so sad. I hope that the parents work extra hard at teaching her proper dental hygiene now. Unfortunately this little girl got a popsicle as soon as she woke up. There was another mom there that was angry her son’s appointment wasn’t on time, when everyone knows that they can schedule surgeries as much as they want but things happen. They told her that they have blocks of time for each surgery and sometimes it goes over and sometimes it is shorter. She demanded to see this schedule of people to make sure they were telling her the truth. Well lady, have you ever heard of patient confidentiality?  She was so angry that they wouldn’t show it to her.

Sometimes, I just can’t understand people.

Finally (after peeing 2 times during my hour-long wait even though I hadn’t had anything to drink in over 12 hours!), my name was called and I had to change into a gown. I thought they’d take me in right away but I had to wait in another room that was heated so it was cozy and warm and it had comfortable arm chairs and a People magazine out for me to read. I met the anesthesiologist who met me and went out my general health. After peeing one more time I was taken into surgery.

My only other surgery was my c section. This room was smaller, and therefore more scary and foreboding than the c section room. I didn’t cry this time luckily (I pretty much cried for 3 hours before my c section). The anesthesiologist knew I do not like needles so he tried to do it without my seeing anything which was awesome of him. I know that the drugs they were giving me weren’t going to make me completely knocked out but more floaty and uncaring so I wasn’t sure if I should fall asleep or not though but then the nurse told me to close my eyes because she was going to be turning on a bright light. I took that as my signal to go ahead and snooze.

Next thing I know, I hear a whirring noise and the room seemed to be full of a lot of people. I wasn’t sure if there was something over my eyes or I just didn’t open them because I could see the bright light but I think that there was something there. I luckily managed to snooze through the worst of the noises, I didn’t have to listen to any cracking or anything but, just as I woke up was when the dentist was saying that he didn’t think he could get my impacted tooth out. The nurse was very encouraging to him but those are NOT the words you want to hear when you wake up during surgery. I know that the drugs were still working for making me floaty and uncaring because if I was with it, I would have completely FREAKED OUT when I heard the dentist say that. After a bunch of whirring and yanking, they turned off the light, pulled the thing off my eyes (if there was something ) and wheeled me into recovery.

They called my husband, in the way home we got the drugs, a giant shamrock shake to share (I ate with a spoon), and our daughter from daycare. My mouth was so frozen that he had to check each time I swallowed a pill to see if it was still there! It took a few times to actually swallow the T3 because it was so hard to sip water. I think my husband had fun watching me “eat” the milkshake because I couldn’t feel anything so I had milkshake running all down my face. I ended up using many MANY paper towels until about 10:00 pm to mop up my chin from milkshake and drool.

I’m on the mend now and I can truly say that this is much more pleasant than recovering from a c section even though the end result is not nearly as satisfying as a c section.

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  1. #1 by melanie on March 18, 2011 - 5:01 pm

    i’ve had a surgery scare too 🙂 docs wheeled me in to the operating room where i was to have my foot worked on… well when i looked up at the xray on the wall, there was an image of a knee!! i was like “umm… you know it’s my foot that’s being operated on, right…?” turns out the knee image was from the person who had surgery in the room just before me, LOL.

    very sad about the toddler with bad teeth – i hope the parents do better this time around.

    • #2 by impossiblyalice on March 18, 2011 - 5:32 pm

      oh no Melanie! That is awful! I would have been sooo scared!

      I think that the mom thought that the teeth could be cut down and fixed. She was really upset by the fact that the dentist told her that it would be a lot safer if they pulled them and just let the adult teeth grow in when they’re ready. It was heartbreaking and made me glad that we started practicing dental hygiene early on.

  2. #3 by American Fork Dentistry on December 6, 2011 - 12:03 pm

    I agree. Not the words I’d want to hear either. When I had mine taken out (all impacted) I was so loopy after that there was no way I could drive myself home. And that was without any medication other than the local shot.

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