Beginner Etsy SEO: Keywords

You’re now getting your shop name out there. How will people find out what you’re selling? By using carefully selected keywords.

What are keywords? They are the words and phrases that you use to describe what you are selling. It is very important to make sure that you use keywords that people will search to find your shop. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to search potential keywords and see which ones are popular search terms in Google. I am not an expert in using this tool yet, but it is very easy to look up keywords and see how popular they are compared to other keywords. It also lists similar keywords.

Using this tool, I looked up “fingerless gloves”, “fingerless mittens”, and “handwarmers”.  I see that on average, fingerless gloves has on average 110,000 searches per month which is significantly more than the other 2 terms. From this, I know that the keyword to use for my fingerless gloves is indeed fingerless gloves.

Now the important thing is to use this phrase as much as possible when describing my fingerless gloves. I need to make sure that each listing of my fingerless gloves has the term at the start of the title. Etsy takes the fist few words from your listing and puts them in the url for the listing. As you can see the first words in the title of this listing is : “fingerless gloves”. I’ve also made sure that the word “knit” is in there too. You also need to make sure that you use this term right near the start of describing your listing so Google picks it up in the description. Google can also search your shop sections so if you can, create a shop section for each of your keywords. Remember, there are a limited amount of shop sections so this isn’t always possible.

The other place you need to make sure to use the keyword is in the clickable portion of links. As you have noticed, I used the term fingerless gloves and linked it to my shop section. I could even link to hand knit fingerless gloves for good measure. When linking to a specific item, I tend to use a little bit more of a descriptive term. One example could be pink hand knit fingerless gloves. When making your links, make sure that you put the keywords in the link title as well.

To increase my backlinks, I also make sure that I link back to the appropriate shop sections in each of my listings on Etsy as well. For instance, in each of my fingerless gloves, I link back to the fingerless gloves section.

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