Beginner Etsy SEO: Pictures

There are probably a lot of reasons why pictures are important, I am sure that I don`t even know hald of the reasons why. I do know that Google likes pictures. The one reason I can figure out is because you can link it to your shop listing and you can add alt tags and a title for Google to pick up.

Whenever you have a blog post about your Etsy shop, it is visually important to have pictures for your readers to look at. When I make a link here in WordPress, it automatically defaults linking the picture to itself. Make sure that you change this and have the link point to your shop listing. If you click on my link below, you will see that I have it going directly to my fingerless gloves.

You are also able to add words in your alt text. Make sure that you use the keywords that you’ve already selected for your item as well as a few other descriptive words. You need to make sure that the text will make sense to readers because they will see these words if the image doesn’t load up, or when they hover the mouse over the picture.

Google uses the alt text when trying to determine what the picture is for the image search feature. Personally, if I am searching for something specific, I will use the Google image search for fast browsing. The alt text is also used in browsers for the visually impaired so please make sure that the text makes sense!

Lightweight eco-friendly summer scarf

The keywords  I`ve chosen for the scarf above is summer scarf. The Alt text that I`ve used is “Lightweight eco-friendly summer scarf“.

So remember, pictures=backlinks. Alt text=keywords= Google image (and, as a result Google) search ranking increase.

If you will notice, I took my own advice in my previous Beginner SEO posts and created many backlinks throughout this post!

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