It’s Been a Long Time!

It has been a LONG time since I’ve last posted. Not surprisingly I became very disillusioned with my job and I started to get a bit depressed. I gained weight for what seemed like no reason. I was eating healthy and exercising more. After a bunch of testing, the doctor thought maybe it was my depression over my job that made me gain weight. I started to look for a new job and almost immediately lost the random weight I gained. Yay!

Then I broke my ankle right around the time I started going on job interviews. A bit awkward but it is a good way to start a conversation. We had a family health crisis. Then right when I needed it, third time was a charm and I got what is seriously the most awesome job for me! And I got pregnant. Pretty much almost at the same time. Not the best planning…

This has been an anxiety filled pregnancy mostly because my daughter was born approximately 5 weeks early. She had no major health problems and we went home after 3 nights but the terror of another premie has taken over my brain this pregnancy. I’ve asked my husband many MANY times if I am normally this crazy and he has assured me that I am not!

It was a bit hard being pregnant at a job where I had no friends. But I dealt with it. I got the exact same morning sickness until about week 17 like I did last time. I took diclectin this time which helped a lot. I was fine for a few weeks then, right when summer started I started to have dehydration problems. Once I got that under control, I got bronchitis. Then, when that was almost done I got another urinary tract infection. And as if that wasn’t enough I got the flu which turned into an upper respiratory infection. That took me to the end of summer. I had a week of feeling alright and then I found out that I may have gestational diabetes.

I did not like the resident I was assigned at my family doctor throughout this. She did not seem to care about the fact that I had a c section at 35 weeks last time. She did not seem to care that I wasn’t gaining weight because I was so sick. She just didn’t seem to care about anything. And she didn’t know some things that she should have. I had to ask for my initial gestational diabetes test, she told me not to fast for the follow up one when I knew i had to. I called her on it and she was not happy with me.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes but I consider myself lucky because it has been easily controlled through diet and I don’t have to go to a million appointments because of it and I only have to test my blood once a day for the rest of my pregnancy. And really, it is probably good for all pregnant people to eat properly during the last trimester when the baby puts on the most weight.

I got a referral to an obstetrician who has done a lot of relieve my brain. I’ve only seen her two times but she takes my fears of another premie seriously. Yesterday, she took me off of work because my body is showing signs of starting to prepare for labour at 34 weeks. Her goal is to make the baby stay inside until 37 weeks. I have to take progesterone for the next 2.5 weeks which can help delay labour in people who have history of preterm labour.

And that is it for now.  My blogging will probably be more regular because I am home alone all day and cannot really go out and do things. I have a lot of plans and projects.


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