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July Knitting Updates

I have been busy knitting this month.

I have a Snowflake for my daughter that needs a placket, buttons, and ends sewn in.

Alice Snowflake

This is knit out of Berroco Vintage DK in Dewberry which is a bright pinky/purple colour and a cream or light brown colour that I think it called mushroom. If you have any button recommendations for buttons for this one or the one for myself, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I’ve been looking but haven’t found anything yet.

I made a Milo for the baby to wear this fall/winter.

Milo II

I love the Milo because it is a great piece to put over anything and goes with anything. We walk to daycare and it can get VERY cold here so any bit of extra warmth is always welcome! I had almost exactly enough left from my Dewey to make this. There is just  tiny bit left.

I did my first test knit. I made a pirate pig for the baby, my daughter wants one now!

Pork Belly, the Pirate Pig Test

It was fun to test this pattern! It is well written and has a stuffing technique I have never used before that I love! I am going to use a version of it for all future toys I knit. And! This is the first time a project photo of mine was used in the pattern page!

And here is the final product of the Dewey I made for the baby.

DK Dewey

I love how this looks on my boy! This pattern was supposed to be knit in a fingering weight but I converted it to a DK weight for a faster knit! If you are interested, please look at my project page for notes on my calculations. I love how wide the neck is. I love the cable. I love the yarn. I love every but the sleeves. I with I gave it more ease at the armpits.

Here is the Dewey in action at the cottage on the July long weekend! The baby cannot stay still now!!! He sure keeps me on my toes because his favourite things to play with are things that he shouldn’t be playing with!
Dewey in Action

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Thursday Morning Memories

My mom was a stay at home mom and an active volunteer. On Thursday mornings, she volunteered at our elementary school. Before I was in kindergarten, my Grandpa would come over and baby sit me on Thursday mornings.

First he would give me a boxing lesson then I would “take a round out on him”. Once I punched him too hard in the stomach. He had had stomach cancer before I was born and had to have various surgeries on his stomach so it was not in the best shape. He also had an “extra belly button” which was really just a surgery scar. To me it was so cool.


Grandpa and I at his last birthday in 2007.

After we had our boxing lesson, I would get us each cheese slice to eat.

Then we would get in the car and go to Wiebe’s food. I was grossed out and fascinated by the store at the same time. The store always smelled like fish. And we would always end up in the fish aisle where I would stare at the fish. I do not know if the eyes were removed from the fish (I was only 4!) but I either stared at the eyes or the eye sockets.

I am not sure if we would ever buy anything but I am sure I would have begged him to buy the squirty cheese in tubes.


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Tales of a Sweaty Ukrainian: Three Days In

I’m three days in trying the Hippie Pits All Natural Deodorant in Down to Earth by Delish Naturals and I’m more impressed than I expected to be!

My initial thoughts on it:

  • my armpits do not itch anymore
  • forget those Dove commercials, my armpits are smoother than I remember (and I’ve used a lot of Dove deodorant!)
  • I don’t know if it is because I am not used to the smell, but I can always smell the deodorant. It doesn’t smell bad but I just notice it.
  • I am not sweating as much as I expected but I haven’t spent a lot of time outdoors because my daughter was in half day camp in the morning and afternoons were resting time.

On the first day, I reapplied the deodorant around 4:00 pm because I wasn’t feeling as fresh. I did not reapply the next 2 days but I probably should have today.

The real test will be tomorrow when I go to Winnipeg Folk Fest. The high is 29*C and it is supposed to feel like 34*C with the humidity.

I’ve read some concern online about the price of this deodorant but also look at the size of it when you consider the price. It is MUCH bigger than my Nivea deodorant.

I also have only worn this with tank tops. I’m not quite brave enough to wear a t-shirt with it yet. I also wonder that if I am using a natural deodorant, it would be best to wear clothes made of natural fibers because it will allow my armpits to breathe more?

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Tales of a Sweaty Ukrainian

I know not everyone wants to talk about sweat. But I sweat. A lot. Especially when it is humid, which it is here all summer long.

There is also a lot of discussion on the internet that antiperspirants can contribute to a variety of health factors.

And there is the fact that antiperspirants can irritate my armpits, especially if I’ve recently shaved.

All of these factors lead me to try out Delish Naturals Hippie Pits All Natural Deoderant. I bought this from Tiny Tree Hugger Diapers.

Delish Naturals Hippie Pits

I am rather skeptical that this will work, but I thought I should give it a try. I’m using the Down To Earth version which has a variety of essential oils that are supposed to help with deodorizing and preventing sweat. Even if it doesn’t work or I only use it while I’m at home because I am not 100% comfortable going out wearing it, it has got to help a bit not using the chemical-filled mainstream antiperspirants, right?


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Hand-me Down Knit!

Remember the Otto Short Sleeved Pullover I shared in this post?

Otto Short Sleeved Pullover

I had knit it in 6-12 months using cotton with the hopes that my daughter, who was born in December could wear it in the summer. I used the intarsia method as well so it would be only one layer thick which mean I had a lot of little balls of yarn to deal with. I did cheat and carry the cream over the single stitch of brown. Knitting with cotton hurts my hands so. It didn’t make me very happy that she didn’t fit it until the fall/winter and wore it layered over other shirts.

I remember my daughter was such a placid baby and good sleeper that I was able to do the majority of knitting holding her while she slept in my arms!

The good news is that my son fits clothes within the appropriate age range! He is wearing it today for the first time and I am so happy!

hand me down knit by sherylcm, on Flickr

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Hypocritical Mother Moments: Diving In

In my younger years I’d see those moms take forever to get in the water, squealing the whole time about how cold it is and I vowed:

That will never be me.

And now it is.

Pelican and Pier in Matlock, Manitoba

We took our children swimming in the lake this weekend. We took our 3-year-old off the end of the pier. The water was cold and she screamed the whole time. My husband brought her out to sit on the pier with her brother, grandma, and aunt.

Since I’ve had my daughter, I’ve been very slow to get into the water, squealing about how cold I am. I usually take at least 5 minutes to go down the stairs. Then it takes me another 5-10 minutes to get into the water up to my neck. Forget about dunking my head in even though I promised myself I would always completely submerge myself!

This weekend, I counted out loud to 10 to gather up the courage. I had to “gather up the courage” about 4 times over and I still hadn’t gone under. I thought I would just walk out until the water was up to my shoulders. I got to the small of my back and turned around. I “gathered my courage” a few more time. Still dry on top.

I walked closer to the pier and thought if my daughter saw me, I’d be forced to get wet. No dice.

Somehow I managed to make myself see how ridiculous I was being and dove in (keeping my face and hair above water of course!). I swam around and my body got used to the temperature so fast.

How did becoming a mother turn me into such a wimp about diving into the water?

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