Tales of a Sweaty Ukrainian

I know not everyone wants to talk about sweat. But I sweat. A lot. Especially when it is humid, which it is here all summer long.

There is also a lot of discussion on the internet that antiperspirants can contribute to a variety of health factors.

And there is the fact that antiperspirants can irritate my armpits, especially if I’ve recently shaved.

All of these factors lead me to try out Delish Naturals Hippie Pits All Natural Deoderant. I bought this from Tiny Tree Hugger Diapers.

Delish Naturals Hippie Pits

I am rather skeptical that this will work, but I thought I should give it a try. I’m using the Down To Earth version which has a variety of essential oils that are supposed to help with deodorizing and preventing sweat. Even if it doesn’t work or I only use it while I’m at home because I am not 100% comfortable going out wearing it, it has got to help a bit not using the chemical-filled mainstream antiperspirants, right?


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