I am Still a Sweaty Ukrainian

I wanted to like the Delish Naturals Hippie Pits deodorant but I think I am too sweaty to wear it on a regular basis. I will wear it when I am wearing a tank top and hanging out at home or at the cottage. Anything other than that and I feel my armpits are too damp/smelly.

I wore a t-shirt yesterday with it and took a walk to the drug store. It was only around 22*C when I did this and I was just so uncomfortable I had to change to a tank top when I got home.

I do like that there are no chemicals in the deodorant so it is better for me and left me with softer and smoother armpits. But on the flip side, since there are no chemicals in it, I felt like my armpits were constantly damp, I felt self-conscious that I may smell, I felt i had to wash my armpits a few times a day sometimes, and they were sometimes itchy (I think because of the dampness).

Do any of you use a more natural deodorant?


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