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Getting Closer!

I am getting a lot closer! I have most of my starting items complete! Or almost complete! Yes! I just need to take pictures, create a shop banner, etc, policies, and probably a million other little details. I am getting so excited.

I’ve been reading up on advice on how to take the photos and I’ve learned that I should take the photos in the morning or early evening for best light. Why? I don’t know but it’s what “they” say and I am willing to bet “they” know a lot more about photography. I hope they turn out well or that I will be able to photoshop nicely.

Soon, soon my friends and I am so excited!!!



Knitting in the Car

The car is my new favourite place to knit! Less distraction, when driving in the prairies there isn’t much to look at, and my baby sleeps. What more do I need?

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No moreĀ naps!

My little 5 and a half month old has decided she doesn’t want naps this week. As a result, I am doing very little knitting. šŸ˜¦ Knowing her in a day or two she will crash and nap most of the day.

In the meantime I am becoming very addicted to Etsy. Was going to make my first purchase then the seller went on vacation! Hopefully she comes back soon because I need a hat for Winnipeg Folk Fest!

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I am home! Finished one design, working on the next one. Found out about the CPSIA regulations which I will have to comply to if I want to sell in the US. I am looking into what I want to do for that. Not much else to report right now except that I m too tired to be awake right now!


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