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Oh The Christmas (Knitting) Panic!

Forget about not having time to buy all the presents but I am worried I am not going to finish my last knit Christmas present!

I am knitting a Fino Circle Scarf. It is 21″ wide and 72 ” deep. Why did I think this is a good idea??? It takes 980 yards of yarn. Seriously.

As of last night, I had 29.5″ out of 72″ complete. To finish by Christmas day I have to knit approximately 2.8″ per day. Or 4% of the scarf. And go to work. And be a Mom. And get everything else ready for Christmas. I was doing a bit better but then the baby and I came down with either a Bad Cold or a mild flu. Either way it sucked. I tried to knit on Friday night. I knit 2 rows and it was the hardest thing ever.

Fino Infinity

If you want to follow my panic or see if I actually finish, you can watch the progress on my Ravelry project page because I likely will not have time to even remember I have a blog!!


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Princess Twilight Sparkle!

My daughter wanted to be Princess Twilight Sparkle for Halloween this year. I was determined to make her the costume.

First off, who is Princess Twilight Sparkle? She is the main pony in the latest generation of My Little Pony (called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). My Little Pony is seriously an awesome show. I do  not know which one of us enjoys it more! The theme song is the first song my baby boy ever recognized. She was a unicorn, but in the last episode of the most recent season, she became an alicorn princess. An alicorn is basically a unicorn with wings.

Princess Twilight Sparkle

I sewed the dress at my mom`s house using her sewing machine. I am not really one who sews so this is a Big Deal for me. I had my mom on hand for any mishaps. Luckily there were not too many, and they were mostly sewing machine related. I sewed the whole thing myself. I proudly brought the dress home and it was way too small for a fabric with no give. So off to my mom`s house the next weekend to sew a second dress. I did everything but the hem on this dress because I was running out of time and had to go home and make supper.

Princess Twilight Sparkle

At home I cut a cutie mark out of felt and used my rudimentary hand sewing skills to attach it to the dress. I also made the yarn wig and tail and sewed the tail on the dress.

The tiara and ears were store-bought. The wings were ones from my daughter`s stash of fairy things.

My daughter was so excited to wear this to daycare today which makes me so happy because it is the first awesome Halloween costume I have made for her! She also believes I can make everything. Last night she decided she wanted me to be Princess Celestia (Twilight Sparkle`s teacher and mentor) and her Daddy to be a crab. She thought I could knit us both these costumes in time for today. I love that she believes I can do everything!

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One Week: What Would You Do?

Have you seen the movie One Week starring Joshua Jackson? I saw it a few years ago and rather enjoyed it in a morbid way. I remember I cried at the end of it. A lot. It was a messy ugly snotty cry.

I am not in the same situation but I only have one week of my maternity leave left and for some reason I keep on thinking about this movie.

What would you do?

I tried to get as much of my errands done before this week (thank you internet for allowing me to do some shopping online!) so we could relax at home and have a chill week. Maybe watch a few movies. Maybe One Week will be on! And visit daycare so my baby boy will not have a complete meltdown or baby version of a panic attack when he starts. To say he is shy is a bit of an understatement.

But life being as it is, changes thing. Our pipes needed Roto Rootering (is that a word?). Our basement shower was supposedly not pretty this weekend. My husband dealt with it because I was busy with a sick baby. He had a fever Friday and Saturday. Yesterday morning his fever had broken and he had a good day and slept a lot. Which meant of course that he only had one ½ hour nap today despite the fact that he was grumpy and clearly needed a nap. And we had Roto Rooter come this morning. So my day was not quite so chill and my house had eau de sewer today.

I am excited to return to work. But at the same time I am one big ball of anxiety for my baby to go to daycare.


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Allergies: A New Era

I have asthma and allergies. Which  means my kids have a chance at getting asthma or allergies. My daughter is so far allergy free which is awesome but we think the baby (almost a toddler – where has the time gone!) has some allergies.

So far it is to chicken and eggs.

Big Red in a Chicken Sweater

Who doesn’t love a chicken in a sweater?!?


We have suspected the egg allergy for a few months now. Of course chicken was the first food we gave him so we had to re-test all the foods we started with. Once we cut the chicken out of his diet, the majority of his puking stopping but he was still gassy and irritable. When *I* cut chicken out of my diet, he was no longer gassy and irritable.

Of course because of this, I was reluctant to test anything poultry-related.

But he is turning one soon and I am going back to work so I needed to at least test egg. Tonight was his third exposure and almost immediately after, his eye lid got swollen and red.

Because of the chicken problem we’ve decided that this is IT. No more poultry exposure until we talk to the Doctor about this. Of course, we have Thanksgiving to conquer between now and his one year appointment.

Do your kids have allergies? How do you deal with it?

Will I have to get a new winter jacket without down in it?

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I am Still a Sweaty Ukrainian

I wanted to like the Delish Naturals Hippie Pits deodorant but I think I am too sweaty to wear it on a regular basis. I will wear it when I am wearing a tank top and hanging out at home or at the cottage. Anything other than that and I feel my armpits are too damp/smelly.

I wore a t-shirt yesterday with it and took a walk to the drug store. It was only around 22*C when I did this and I was just so uncomfortable I had to change to a tank top when I got home.

I do like that there are no chemicals in the deodorant so it is better for me and left me with softer and smoother armpits. But on the flip side, since there are no chemicals in it, I felt like my armpits were constantly damp, I felt self-conscious that I may smell, I felt i had to wash my armpits a few times a day sometimes, and they were sometimes itchy (I think because of the dampness).

Do any of you use a more natural deodorant?


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Mahone Bay

On Saturday we came back from a lovely vacation!


One day, our family went to a little tourist town called Mahone Bay.


English: Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

English: Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It has been my favourite place to visit since the first time my Dad and I went there one October and they were having a scarecrow festival. Everyone in the little town gets together and decorates the whole place with scarecrows. These aren’t your regular scarecrows like in the Wizard of Oz. It was nearly 10 years ago that we were there and I remember they had a band of scarecrows set up in the gazebo, the Peanuts characters in one yard, and pretty much scarecrows in every yard and business! My camera broke before I got to Nova Scotia so my Dad and I bought a disposable camera to take as many pictures of us with the scarecrows as we could! I will have to try to find these pictures!!


This time while  we were there, I made sure to visit Have a Yarn which was a delightful yarn store full of beautiful yarn. I don’t have pictures of what I bought yet so that will be in a future post. The lady that was working at the store was very nice and helpful when I told her what I wanted to get! She was also very nice about it when, in the middle of browsing my 3-year-old yelled “I have to poop!”, in the way that only 3 year olds can!


We browsed around a few other stores and bought bubble bath from Sugar Bubbles, tea from the Tea Brewery, margarita flavoured ice cream, and discovered the store called Teazer does not sell tea at all. We had lunch at the Mug and Anchor Pub which I consider a must if you’re visiting Nova Scotia!


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Thursday Morning Memories

My mom was a stay at home mom and an active volunteer. On Thursday mornings, she volunteered at our elementary school. Before I was in kindergarten, my Grandpa would come over and baby sit me on Thursday mornings.

First he would give me a boxing lesson then I would “take a round out on him”. Once I punched him too hard in the stomach. He had had stomach cancer before I was born and had to have various surgeries on his stomach so it was not in the best shape. He also had an “extra belly button” which was really just a surgery scar. To me it was so cool.


Grandpa and I at his last birthday in 2007.

After we had our boxing lesson, I would get us each cheese slice to eat.

Then we would get in the car and go to Wiebe’s food. I was grossed out and fascinated by the store at the same time. The store always smelled like fish. And we would always end up in the fish aisle where I would stare at the fish. I do not know if the eyes were removed from the fish (I was only 4!) but I either stared at the eyes or the eye sockets.

I am not sure if we would ever buy anything but I am sure I would have begged him to buy the squirty cheese in tubes.


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Tales of a Sweaty Ukrainian: Three Days In

I’m three days in trying the Hippie Pits All Natural Deodorant in Down to Earth by Delish Naturals and I’m more impressed than I expected to be!

My initial thoughts on it:

  • my armpits do not itch anymore
  • forget those Dove commercials, my armpits are smoother than I remember (and I’ve used a lot of Dove deodorant!)
  • I don’t know if it is because I am not used to the smell, but I can always smell the deodorant. It doesn’t smell bad but I just notice it.
  • I am not sweating as much as I expected but I haven’t spent a lot of time outdoors because my daughter was in half day camp in the morning and afternoons were resting time.

On the first day, I reapplied the deodorant around 4:00 pm because I wasn’t feeling as fresh. I did not reapply the next 2 days but I probably should have today.

The real test will be tomorrow when I go to Winnipeg Folk Fest. The high is 29*C and it is supposed to feel like 34*C with the humidity.

I’ve read some concern online about the price of this deodorant but also look at the size of it when you consider the price. It is MUCH bigger than my Nivea deodorant.

I also have only worn this with tank tops. I’m not quite brave enough to wear a t-shirt with it yet. I also wonder that if I am using a natural deodorant, it would be best to wear clothes made of natural fibers because it will allow my armpits to breathe more?

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Tales of a Sweaty Ukrainian

I know not everyone wants to talk about sweat. But I sweat. A lot. Especially when it is humid, which it is here all summer long.

There is also a lot of discussion on the internet that antiperspirants can contribute to a variety of health factors.

And there is the fact that antiperspirants can irritate my armpits, especially if I’ve recently shaved.

All of these factors lead me to try out Delish Naturals Hippie Pits All Natural Deoderant. I bought this from Tiny Tree Hugger Diapers.

Delish Naturals Hippie Pits

I am rather skeptical that this will work, but I thought I should give it a try. I’m using the Down To Earth version which has a variety of essential oils that are supposed to help with deodorizing and preventing sweat. Even if it doesn’t work or I only use it while I’m at home because I am not 100% comfortable going out wearing it, it has got to help a bit not using the chemical-filled mainstream antiperspirants, right?


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Hypocritical Mother Moments: Diving In

In my younger years I’d see those moms take forever to get in the water, squealing the whole time about how cold it is and I vowed:

That will never be me.

And now it is.

Pelican and Pier in Matlock, Manitoba

We took our children swimming in the lake this weekend. We took our 3-year-old off the end of the pier. The water was cold and she screamed the whole time. My husband brought her out to sit on the pier with her brother, grandma, and aunt.

Since I’ve had my daughter, I’ve been very slow to get into the water, squealing about how cold I am. I usually take at least 5 minutes to go down the stairs. Then it takes me another 5-10 minutes to get into the water up to my neck. Forget about dunking my head in even though I promised myself I would always completely submerge myself!

This weekend, I counted out loud to 10 to gather up the courage. I had to “gather up the courage” about 4 times over and I still hadn’t gone under. I thought I would just walk out until the water was up to my shoulders. I got to the small of my back and turned around. I “gathered my courage” a few more time. Still dry on top.

I walked closer to the pier and thought if my daughter saw me, I’d be forced to get wet. No dice.

Somehow I managed to make myself see how ridiculous I was being and dove in (keeping my face and hair above water of course!). I swam around and my body got used to the temperature so fast.

How did becoming a mother turn me into such a wimp about diving into the water?

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