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Pay It Forward Friday: Knitting!

I love knitting. I love other people’s knitting. I love Etsy. Here’s some of my favourites!

Irene B

Can you believe that this gorgeous shop has less than 20 sales? I am in awe of the beauty of this shop. If you see something you like, I recommend that you buy it asap because everything in her shop is either a one of a kind piece or a limited edition! Irene is a fashion design student and if her shop is any indication, she has a great career ahead of her!

Abhaya Fibers

Here is another beautiful shop that, surprisingly, has less than 20 sales! This shop is very diverse and fun with its offerings. It also offers one of a kind, unique, and original designs so if you see something you love, you better buy it right away! The designer is also a knitting instructor at her LYS in Pennsylvania. Her designs are inspired by nature and are completely beautiful.


The third shop I was going to feature is on vacation and then I remembered this beautiful shop! All of the lovely items in this shop are handknit by Sunhee Bang. She is an awesome fashion designer who has already embarked on a great career. You can learn more about her at her website. I absolutely love the chunkiness and warmth of her scarves and hats on Etsy.

Do you know of any awesome knitting shops you want to share with me?

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Pay It Forward Friday: Randomness

I wasn’t able to do a Pay It Forward Friday post last week. Here is this weeks randomness. I hope you enjoy!

First up we have ana at i made it so. What can I say about her? She is very creative and gives great ideas. She types in lower case. She made the cutest images for people with ravelry accounts to use when they don’t have pictures of their project yet, or are just plain embarrassed to show their project. It follows that she is also a knitter. She is a great writer and I love reading her posts. You should read them too – she explains herself a lot better than I ever could.

Do you live in Winnipeg? Are you looking for what is the BEST and most unique wool shopping experience in Winnipeg? Then go to Where The Wool Things Are at 61 1/2 Albert St. It is a wool store combined with a korean fusion café called Kimch’i on Albert. The wool is beyond gorgeous, my personal favourite is the Dream in Color Classy line, and the food is to die for. My best tip: go there early on the days that the mac and cheese is on the menu! It is a super filling plate full of deliciousness and I guarantee you that you’ve had anything close to it before! If you are a knitter in Winnipeg, you should drop by on Thursday nights where Mariver, the owner of Where the Wool Things Are has started knit night. It’s an awesome gathering of Winnpieg knitters. I haven’t been able to go for the past little while but the knitters I have met through her are awesome people  and I miss it so much. Knit Nights usually have a theme, check out the blog to see what the latest theme is before you head down there on a Thursday night. (p.s. come hungry because there are usually snacks AND the smells from the Kimch’i side will have you ordering food whether you are hungry or not!).

One of my favourite undiscovered shops on etsy is umbu. It sells the most gorgeous lamps crafted from recycled materials such as: sewing patterns, wrapping paper, newspapers, magazines, and maps. Each lamp description lists exactly what materials it was made with. This shop also have clever written magnets that are hand shaped out of clay! Please, please, please check this shop out because it is so incredibly lovely! And if you want, you can buy me the “clean me’ magnets! Or, if you’re feeling really generous, the sewing pattern lamp that is to the left! Thanks!

That’s it for this week, if you have any blogs, shops, or any random thing you think I’d like, please let me know! 😀

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Pay It Forward Friday: Reindeer Games

Well, it’s been a busy week around here but I am dedicated to pay it forward Friday. What random things do I like this week?

I love reindeer. And I love gift tags. I am embarrassed to admit how much time I spend browsing reindeer gift tags on etsy so today I am featuring a few of my favourites:

These are some beautiful fabric gift tags. They are printed onto unbleached cotton fabric and the ink is water based and non-toxic. The seller, quotesandnotes, even suggests using these on plain Kraft paper. What a wonderful way to celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas! Everything used to wrap your presents will be recyclable, and/or reusable.

Her shop is really beautiful and you should all check it out!



These cute reindeer tags are made by an undiscovered* seller! My Paper Moose’s shop has a great collection of holiday gift tags. Let’s all help “discover” this shop!






For my last pay it forward item today, I am featuring these absolutely beautiful handmade reindeer gift tags from Australia. If I bought her tags, I would hate to use them on a present! Flo3er offers the alternative idea that you could use these as decorations on your tree and I wholeheartedly agree.




Please join me again next Friday when I feature more things that I like!

*undiscovered means a shop has less than 20 sales

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Pay It Forward Friday

I want to start a new feature and let’s hope I continue this every week. I am going to do a Pay It Forward Friday where I will mention blogs, etsy shops, anything I like. I may know the people, I may not.

The In Between Is Mine

I started following a blog a few months ago, and I have grown to really like the blogger. San, of the in between is mine writes honest, genuine, and introspective posts which I look forward to reading. Often, when I am reading her blog I think to myself “That is me!”. She is taking a part of NABloPoMo* so when you follow her, you are guaranteed to be entertained every day this month with her posts. She moved here from Germany after she fell in love with her now husband during a semester abroad – the whole story is on her blog. Please, check out her site and you will see what a lovely person she is.

Graphic Spaces

Are you looking for fun woodland themed decor for a child’s room? Then Graphic Spaces Wood is the etsy shop for you! I found this shop when I was making treasuries of undiscovered time. After the first time I included them in a treasury, they sent me a wonderful and nice message. Despite the fact that they live in different states, they are truly a family business: Christy does the design work, her Dad, Curt Austin does the woodworking, her mom, Cindy, does the assembly and runs the shop, and her brother, Shawn, is an engineer who maintains their equipment! This wonderful shop has since been discovered** and I cannot use them in treasuries of undiscovered shops anymore but they remain a favourite of mine. They sell the most adorable woodland themed bookends, shelf stands, and even a tree that you can use to display these beautiful items on. I honestly love each of the little animals and flowers so much, I would be hard pressed to find a favourite!

The Merriweather Council

Finally, for this week, I want to talk about Danielle of The Merriweather Council. I met her through etsy because we are both a part of Team Discovery. She makes great items for her shop, beautiful treasuries that occasionally make it to the front page, and she is super helpful and nice. In fact, she made the treasury that was on the front page late afternoon/early evening last Friday which lead to my first sale. If you google her, you will come up with a lot of hits – she has even had an item featured in an Apartment Therapy article! An interesting fact about her: she majored in Fibers at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design which makes me pretty jealous. I didn’t know that anything like that even existed when I went to university!

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Pay It Forward Friday!

*bloggers taking part in NaBloPoMo are writing a new blog post every day for the month of November.

**discovered means a shop has more than 20 sales.

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