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My First Front Page on Etsy!

This is a quick note to announce that one of my items was on the front page of Etsy for the first time EVER! It was at 5:00 am EST so there weren’t too many shoppers around then o it didn’t sell but I got a bunch of shop and item hearts I would have not gotten otherwise!

Check out the treasury!

Check out my shop!


I also had a treasury I made on the front page of Etsy this afternoon!


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Have You Met Jane Jetson?

I was watching TV today and I realized that the day I never thought would ever come has arrived. We are living in a Jetson’s world.

No, there are not flying cars, no Rosie the robot cleaning my house (but man I would LOVE that), no apartments on poles that you can move into and out of weather, and no moving sidewalk in my house.

But remember their gigantic videophones? We are there. Yes, we’ve had video conferencing and skype for a while but with the iPhone 4 we can now talk face to face anywhere, anytime without being tied to your computer. I always remember when Jane Jetson’s friend called her one morning and she quickly had to “put on her face” before she answered. My childhood self thought that I would never see that in my lifetime. I guess my 7 year old self was very short sighted!

And remember the pills for meals? We aren’t there yet but I am sure some people are close. There are meal replacement shakes and various meal supplements in pill form. I love tasting and eating too much to give up food but wouldn’t it be great to be able to eat a whole meal and your Rosie robot wouldn’t have to do any dishes? Or, I guess you, since we aren’t in a full robot using era yet.

As for flying cars, the aerospace industry is too much of a mess right now for that to be in the near future, but we are getting closer to having computers as our best friends.

Imagine, you could feel more connected than you can with facebook yet never have to leave your house, take a moving sidewalk through your house in the sky so you never have to walk, and take a pill for all your meals that is specially tailord so you feel satisfied yet not gain any weight!

It is too bad that the word sprocket isn’t in the blackberry dictionary yet. Perhaps it is in the iPhone…


Sketchy Computer

My computer starts up only when it wants to, not when I want it to! It likes my husband better than me. I think I need to figure out how to blog from my blackberry until we can afford a new computer.

In the meantime, I am waiting for some yarn samples from a potential source…very excited!

I also have some great knitting ideas I will hopefully find time to execute on this lovely long weekend!! My baby has been better at napping. Or I am more disciplined.

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Day 2

Well it is day 2. I’ve done research on what yarns I want to use for my products and what will be cost effective. I would like to use natural fibres (aka no acrylic) to produce quality items. I am thinking Knit Picks may be a good brand to start off with. I am also trying to decide whether or not to buy customized labels for my items. I think I should – it will make them look more professional.

I am going on a trip on Wednesday and will have limited access to the computer but hopefully plenty of time to knit! Will bring yarn and needles to work on my designs!

I am going to look into whether or not I need to get a business license for the adventure!

All in all I didn’t get much done today because it was way too nice outside!

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Hi. I am in the beginning stages of starting my own Etsy shop called Impossibly Alice, which will sell hand knit items. I still have to do research on supplies and any registering I need to go with the government before I start, as well as build up a decent starting inventory. At the same time I am raising a beautiful 5 month old daughter.

Please follow me through this adventure as I set up my site and blog!

– Sheryl

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