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One Week: What Would You Do?

Have you seen the movie One Week starring Joshua Jackson? I saw it a few years ago and rather enjoyed it in a morbid way. I remember I cried at the end of it. A lot. It was a messy ugly snotty cry.

I am not in the same situation but I only have one week of my maternity leave left and for some reason I keep on thinking about this movie.

What would you do?

I tried to get as much of my errands done before this week (thank you internet for allowing me to do some shopping online!) so we could relax at home and have a chill week. Maybe watch a few movies. Maybe One Week will be on! And visit daycare so my baby boy will not have a complete meltdown or baby version of a panic attack when he starts. To say he is shy is a bit of an understatement.

But life being as it is, changes thing. Our pipes needed Roto Rootering (is that a word?). Our basement shower was supposedly not pretty this weekend. My husband dealt with it because I was busy with a sick baby. He had a fever Friday and Saturday. Yesterday morning his fever had broken and he had a good day and slept a lot. Which meant of course that he only had one ½ hour nap today despite the fact that he was grumpy and clearly needed a nap. And we had Roto Rooter come this morning. So my day was not quite so chill and my house had eau de sewer today.

I am excited to return to work. But at the same time I am one big ball of anxiety for my baby to go to daycare.


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Little Boy Blue

I have a lot of FO’s that do not have pictures yet. But yesterday I managed to get some semi decent ones which is a miracle considering they were on an almost 1 year old who was busy playing in his play area!
Antler Hat + Sunnyside
First up is the Antler Hat by Tin Can Knits. I used Berroco Vintage in in 5117 Chambray. This was a nice and easy and quick knit which is just what I Needed this week! In fact, I enjoyed this knit so much, an Antler Cardigan popped onto my needles today in the leftover yarn from my husband’s Campfire sweater! The only problem with the pattern was a mistake in the decreases which was easy enough to deal with! I made the Child size and I think it fits his giant noggin wonderfully, with room to grow! Someone will be getting a matching hat for Christmas and in the off chance, this person reads my blog, I’m not saying who!

Antler Hat + Sunnyside


I also got a picture of the Sunnyside I made using Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Midnight! I actually knit this in the summer, the majority of it while visiting my Dad and step mom in Nova Scotia. I procrastinated putting buttons on it but now here it is! The only problem I have with this sweater is that no matter how many times I sew up one of the armpit holes, it seems to always come back. One day, I suppose I will do it correctly.

Antler Hat + Sunnyside


Can you believe my baby is almost a year old?? I am going to miss this face lunging at me all day long when I am at work.

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July Knitting Updates

I have been busy knitting this month.

I have a Snowflake for my daughter that needs a placket, buttons, and ends sewn in.

Alice Snowflake

This is knit out of Berroco Vintage DK in Dewberry which is a bright pinky/purple colour and a cream or light brown colour that I think it called mushroom. If you have any button recommendations for buttons for this one or the one for myself, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I’ve been looking but haven’t found anything yet.

I made a Milo for the baby to wear this fall/winter.

Milo II

I love the Milo because it is a great piece to put over anything and goes with anything. We walk to daycare and it can get VERY cold here so any bit of extra warmth is always welcome! I had almost exactly enough left from my Dewey to make this. There is just  tiny bit left.

I did my first test knit. I made a pirate pig for the baby, my daughter wants one now!

Pork Belly, the Pirate Pig Test

It was fun to test this pattern! It is well written and has a stuffing technique I have never used before that I love! I am going to use a version of it for all future toys I knit. And! This is the first time a project photo of mine was used in the pattern page!

And here is the final product of the Dewey I made for the baby.

DK Dewey

I love how this looks on my boy! This pattern was supposed to be knit in a fingering weight but I converted it to a DK weight for a faster knit! If you are interested, please look at my project page for notes on my calculations. I love how wide the neck is. I love the cable. I love the yarn. I love every but the sleeves. I with I gave it more ease at the armpits.

Here is the Dewey in action at the cottage on the July long weekend! The baby cannot stay still now!!! He sure keeps me on my toes because his favourite things to play with are things that he shouldn’t be playing with!
Dewey in Action

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Hand-me Down Knit!

Remember the Otto Short Sleeved Pullover I shared in this post?

Otto Short Sleeved Pullover

I had knit it in 6-12 months using cotton with the hopes that my daughter, who was born in December could wear it in the summer. I used the intarsia method as well so it would be only one layer thick which mean I had a lot of little balls of yarn to deal with. I did cheat and carry the cream over the single stitch of brown. Knitting with cotton hurts my hands so. It didn’t make me very happy that she didn’t fit it until the fall/winter and wore it layered over other shirts.

I remember my daughter was such a placid baby and good sleeper that I was able to do the majority of knitting holding her while she slept in my arms!

The good news is that my son fits clothes within the appropriate age range! He is wearing it today for the first time and I am so happy!

hand me down knit by sherylcm, on Flickr

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Discovering Tanis Fiber Arts

At the end of April, I discovered the idea of yarn clubs and I HAD to join one. I love getting surprise mail! I love the idea that it will get me outside of my colour comfort zone. I just had to find one in Canada because I don’t want to pay duty on it. And one that was open to join. A lot of the clubs I found are based out of the US and had limited time memberships. After a quick Google search I found Tanis Fiber Arts. She is based out of Montreal and has her membership open all year-long. You get 6 shipments a year and there is a pattern designed for each skein of yarn you receive. If you are interested, look here. I made it clear to my husband that it was the best idea for a Mother’s Day present for me since it is the gift that keeps on giving. I figured that if a colour wasn’t one that suits me, I could make a gift for someone else. Soon after, I became OBSESSED with her yarn colours. Conveniently, my son did not have a sweater to wear this summer. I bought shadow in her yellow label DK weight so I could change the Dewey Cabled Pullover from a fingering weight to a DK weight. The details are on my ravelry project page. This is my baby modeling it when I was halfway done seaming it up.

Trying on the DK Dewey

The May shipment of the yarn club is a beautiful soft blue with pops of pink and purple called Moonmist in a lace weight. While the colour is beautiful, it is not a colour that suited me. I immediately thought of my niece who has very fair skin, very light hair (almost white), and blue eyes. I found the Sorello pattern and held the laceweight double with a 4.0 mm needle to make a nice and light airy version of this sweater! I think it will be perfect for her to wear in the summer or for layering in the winter!

I still need to sew in the ends and block the sweater. Her birthday is in October so I’ll probably procrastinate until right before her birthday party! Please view my project page if you’d like to see more details or pictures!

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Me Time

Carving out some me time every day with 2 small kids at home can be a bit tricky. Luckily we have finally been able to give our baby the skills to learn how to be a good sleeper. I knew that deep down, he wanted to be a good sleeper.

We believe he has a problem with chicken because he threw up a lot when he ate it, and got eczema. Since we both have dropped chicken from our diet, his eczema has mostly cleared, spit ups have almost stopped, and he started sleeping better. Well enough that we could sleep train him. Now I am just working on more consistent naps.

I try to take some me time every afternoon while baby sleep. My daughter is 3 and LOVES to play in her room. I love the days when she curls up on her bed and takes a good nap. Mostly because she will be in a good mood in the evening!

During my me time, I drink tea, watch soap operas, and knit (cleaning, what is that!?!?). My most current project is a gift for my niece. My husband bought be a subscription to Tanis Fiber Arts’ yarn club for Mother’s Day. The May yarn was a skein of laceweight in a beautiful light blue with splotches of pinkey/purple called Moonmist.



I thought it would look so beautiful on my niece who is VERY fair with big blue eyes. I found the pattern for Sorello by Georgie Hallam. I am holding the lace weight yarn double and using 4.0 mm needles for my Moonmist Sorello.

I finished knitting it last night. I just have to weave in the ends and block it and it will be ready well in advance of her birthday in October! I believe there is enough leftover for a size 5, but it would be cutting it close!

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The Hardest Thing

My little girl is sick right now. She has a fever and a cold and she is so sad. She is not sleeping well which does not help the matter.

The hardest thing is trying to soothe her and calm her. She doesn’t understand why her Mommy and Daddy can’t take away her pain and she looks at us with such confusion because we can’t make her feel better. She cries and cries and all we can do is cuddle her and give her something to drink.

The second hardest thing is wiping her nose.




As most of you know, I have returned to work this week. It is a struggle in many ways that I didn’t think would be possible. I had imagined myself crying at my desk at lunch, unable to cope with the fact that I am not with my baby. I do not cry at work and I know that she is having fun playing at daycare (so much fun in fact, that they are having trouble getting her to nap).

My problem is that I don’t find the joy in my job that I have in raising my baby. I don’t care about, what I think of as, the trivial day-to-day details. Right now, I simply cannot imagine doing this day in, day out for the next 20 years. My goals for the year? They aren’t to carry out this mission or that objective for the company but to make sure that my little girl is happy and healthy.

The other problem is that we cannot afford for me to quit my job so I must go.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can manage to immerse myself properly in work so that the days stop inching by and the evenings stop racing forward?



Visiting Daycare

Yesterday, I took my baby to visit daycare for the first time. We were there for an hour. She LOVED it there and I didn’t have any doubt. She loves babies and kids. When we are out and she sees one you can hear a little “hi there” come from her over and over. I have a good feeling about the daycare provider – she seems capable and comforting. She is right in the middle of the ages of the kids there so she will fit right in development wise and all the other kids are so adorable!

All that being said, I still felt like bawling while we were there.



A New Chapter Begins

Time becomes such a strange thing as you get older. I can’t comprehend how much has changed since this time last year, yet time has gone by way too fast!

Last year we had a fondue New Year’s Eve for just the 2 of us. It was a nice and quiet New Year’s and just what we needed. We were both way too tired to have anyone over and entertain because we never got more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. And this was if we were lucky!

On this day last year, I was struggling to recover from my c section and starting to get restless. I had some minor setbacks the week before and was ordered to do less, which was hard because I wasn’t doing much. My baby was still too small to be able to breast feed so I had a tedious routine every 3 hours: wake baby, feed baby, pump, change diaper, sterilize the equipment at least twice a day and it was really starting to get to me. Luckily when we were able to transition to full breast feeding, she took to it awesomely.

My husband went to our annual late Christmas with his Dad and we decided that the baby and I would stay home because it was too much work for him to haul us and all of our equipment around. Not only did he have to carry the baby and all the standard stuff when you have a new baby such as a pile of diapers, sleepers, blankets, cloths, etc, but we had to bring all the pumping equipment and ensure it remained sterilized because of her compromised immune system due to being near term. And I would have to have a place where I could pump in privacy. The only room on the main floor of my brother in law’s house with a door was their tiny bathroom and I didn’t want to pump in there and I wasn’t cleared by the doctor to go up and down stairs yet (my husband was very insistent on following all the doctor’s recovery orders).

Even though we were tired and our house was definitely not festive, it was a wonderful start to a year. We didn’t know what to expect but our little girl has managed to give us the most magical year. Now, my year at home with her is drawing to a close way to quickly and a new chapter of my life is about to begin. I am going to learn how to adjust to being a working Mom. It will be hard to balance everything out and give my little girl all the attention she deserves but I am sure that between my husband and I, we will find the balance we need to raise our daughter together so that she turns into a happy and confident toddler who is sure of herself and our love for her.


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