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Beginner Etsy SEO: Backlinks

I have been ignoring the whole idea of SEO since I opened my Etsy shop. Bad idea. How can I expect to improve my shop views and sales if I don’t improve my google search ranking?

Google, and other search engines, don’t know who you are from the other etsy sellers out there. You need to tell them that you are cool and that they need to know about you. You do this by ensuring the your shop is linked as much as possible so that they can find you. The more links they find, the more popular they think you are and the better your google ranking gets. How is this done? By leaving what is called backlinks.

Backlinks are simply links to your etsy shop and the items you are selling. One very important thing to remember is that when you leave your shop link, remember to leave the long link instead of the shorter Feel free to use the shorter and easier to remember url on your printed material but always use the longer one when you leave a link on the internet. Why? Go to Etsy and click on your shop. You will see that the longer name is the actual url that etsy uses. It is much easier for Google to use and rank that url.

Put a link back to your main shop on eachof your listings, in your policies, and in your profile. Link your shop on twitter, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, and any other site where you can leave links. Start a blog. Even if no one reads it, Google will find the links when you blog about your shop. Comment on blogs and use your shop url as your site that your comment links to.

Google also likes these links to be posted in relevant content to what you are linking to. For example, if you are selling wedding related items, it is probably not in your best interest to leave links on pregnancy blogs. Having your own blog ensures that you are linking to relevant content.

When putting links in your blog, Google also prefers you to use words that describe your link as the clickable part of the link. For instance, I can leave the following link: and Google will find my scarf and can figure out what it is but if I said “Check out my new eco-friendly spring scarf“, Google will know what I am linking to. It is also important to enter in the title for your link. If you hover over each of my links, you will see that I have described what the link is.

There is a fine line between leaving links everywhere for Google to find and being spammy. Please make sure that you don’t alienate the humans you are trying to draw into your shop when leaving your links for google and other search engines.

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