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Sketchy Computer

My computer starts up only when it wants to, not when I want it to! It likes my husband better than me. I think I need to figure out how to blog from my blackberry until we can afford a new computer.

In the meantime, I am waiting for some yarn samples from a potential source…very excited!

I also have some great knitting ideas I will hopefully find time to execute on this lovely long weekend!! My baby has been better at napping. Or I am more disciplined.

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I am going on vacation for a week and my computer time will be very limited. As I said yesterday, hopefully I will have time to work on some designs and knit when not playing with my beautiful little girl! Bought some needles and yarn today for this.

I tried to do some more research today to see if I need to get a business license and whatnot for this adventure. Hopefully I will figure all of that out soon to see if this will even be feasible for me!

While I am away, I will be mourning the end of LOST.

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