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New Spring Items and Fixing Up Photos

I’ve worked hard on making new and exciting listings for my Etsy shop.

I’ve got some new spring colours of fingerless gloves and more to come in the next few days. These gloves are so soft and cozy, everyone who touches one immediately comments on how soft they are! They are perfect to wear in the spring for bike rides, for busy parents who need free fingers but want to keep their hands warm, and for people who love to use their iPhones, iPods, blackberries, etc. They are also awesome to wear when the weather starts getting warmer and they turn on the air conditioner in your office so your hands don’t freeze while you work on your computer!

I’ve also listed new spring or summer scarves with more styles to come! These scarves are made from fair trade handspun yarn from Nepal and India. The banana fibre scarves are also vegan friendly and eco-friendly because it is made out of a renewable resource. Please read my first post on banana fibre. Despite the name, the recycled sari silk is made out of entirely new fabric. The recycled sari silk is scrap fabric left over from making saris. This means that these scarves are also eco-friendly because you are preventing this material from going to landfills.

I’ve also fixed up the pictures for one of my favourite cowls in my shop. Not to pat myself on my own back too much, but one of my Etsy friends thought that it was a completely new listing! This cowl is so long that you can wrap it around your next 3 times when it’s cold outside. Because it is so stretchy and long, you can use your imagination and wear it any way you can think of! It would also be a perfect blanket like shawl to keep at the office in those cold air conditioning months!

The biggest challenge I have as a knitter is to knit items that are not meant for fall and winter. I am excited to announce that I am working on some new designs for listings in my shop that are not season dependent! I hope that these new designs work out as great as I am envisioning them in my head so I can introduce them to you ASAP!

I’ve also got my first set of business cards and they are so beautiful! I’d love to start sharing them with you!

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Spring Is Here!

Spring is here! Or at least at Impossibly Alice on Etsy. This weekend, I listed my first spring/summer scarf. Head over there and check it out.

This scarf is loose and airy, perfect for wearing in the spring and summer! It is a gorgeous shade of teal. And the best part? I knit this scarf our of fair trade handspun banana fibre. That means that by wearing it, you are helping women in Nepal work towards a better life for themselves and their families, and you are wearing an eco-friendly renewable resource. This yarn is actually made from harvesting the bark from banana trees. You will not believe how soft and silky it feels.

Go and check it out! In the coming weeks, I will be listing more spring and summer scarves in more colours and styles.


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A Little Pick Me Up

I needed a bit of a boost this weekend after adjusting to waking up before the crack of dawn, and being away from my little girl all day. It came in the form of being on the Etsy front page in a stunning treasury by the wonderful Rolling Hills Vintage! She included my taupe mobius cowl in this treasury.

What makes this cowl special? It is made out of very soft undyed fair trade wool that was handspun in a women’s collective in Uruguay! You are stylish, keep warm, and be globally conscious all at the same time when you wear it.

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I Am Open For Business!

My Etsy store is now open for business! Please come and visit me. While you are there you can check out other fabulous items listed by talented Winnipeg people.

Over the next week I will be adding more items to my store!

I am also hoping to take some outside action shots.

So far I have a purple and a taupe handknit mobius cowl, my summer knitting obession! I have knit them out of fair trade handspun 100% wool.

In my shop you will see a focus on fair trade, recycled, and/or eco-friendly materials.

If you have a custom request for something, please send me a message and I will let you know whether or not I can do it!

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