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A New Brush?

Until today, I have never bought myself a hair brush. Ever. My old hair brush was one my mom bought me probably 10 years ago for Christmas and it was time to say goodbye.

Since I’ve never bought a brush before I had no clue what type is actually good for my hair. Right now my hair is very tangley. I have had it cut only twice in the past year. I don’t really have much time or desire to spend much time on it. No matter what I do, my hair insists on being straight so I am learning to live with that.

Most days, I struggle to detangle my hair with my ancient brush after I showered and immediately put it in a braid. The braid is essential  to help stop tangles and to prevent my baby boy from grabbing my hair and pulling.

I went to a hair supply store and was overwhelmed with all the selection they offered. Then I saw one that said it is the best detangling brush ever.  Since it came in purple and it is wise to believe everything you read on the package, I bought it!



I came home, unbraided my hair and brushed it. And wow…it sure does make a difference to use a brush that actually works! Now if I can get my baby boy to stop pulling my hair, I may be able to wear it down once in a while!

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