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Yesterday I was feeding my baby while at the computer and she fell asleep for a long time so I had a day away from knitting because she REALLY needed the nap and if I moved she would wake up. So I played in Photoshop. And I was learning how to make “lomo-like” photos in photoshop.

Here is my “Lomo-Like” columbine from yesterday! I think that the colour combination really pops!

My "Lomo-Like" Columbine on June 8

My husband and I can’t agree which of these inukshuk photos is nicer. It is the same photo edited 2 different ways. If you happen along this post please put a comment stating your preference! This is from a hike we took 3 years ago!

"Lomo-Like" Inukshuk a

"Lomo-Like" Inukshuk b

In the evening I made these cranberry white chocolate scones! YUM.

Today is back to knitting!

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