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Allergies: A New Era

I have asthma and allergies. Which ┬ámeans my kids have a chance at getting asthma or allergies. My daughter is so far allergy free which is awesome but we think the baby (almost a toddler – where has the time gone!) has some allergies.

So far it is to chicken and eggs.

Big Red in a Chicken Sweater

Who doesn’t love a chicken in a sweater?!?


We have suspected the egg allergy for a few months now. Of course chicken was the first food we gave him so we had to re-test all the foods we started with. Once we cut the chicken out of his diet, the majority of his puking stopping but he was still gassy and irritable. When *I* cut chicken out of my diet, he was no longer gassy and irritable.

Of course because of this, I was reluctant to test anything poultry-related.

But he is turning one soon and I am going back to work so I needed to at least test egg. Tonight was his third exposure and almost immediately after, his eye lid got swollen and red.

Because of the chicken problem we’ve decided that this is IT. No more poultry exposure until we talk to the Doctor about this. Of course, we have Thanksgiving to conquer between now and his one year appointment.

Do your kids have allergies? How do you deal with it?

Will I have to get a new winter jacket without down in it?

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